Stand Down Overview (2019)

This is a clip from recent footage for the yet to be released trailer of the 30 minute documentary . This three day event includes 3,000 volunteers, 175 service providers and invites 800+ homeless Veterans to find a way forward. Called from Darkness is a six-part documentary series that explores the spiritual dimensions of addiction recovery with an emphasis of finding community and recovering one’s … Continue reading Stand Down Overview (2019)

Directors Notes: The Magic of Recovery Cafe

I started the day early with an interview with Campbell, a member of Recovery Cafe in Seattle, Washington.  She worked on the oil pipeline in Alaska and lived that wildcat lifestyle, and when she was done chasing money she brought all the bad habits back to Seattle.  But that was a former life as she has been a participant at Recovery Cafe for 12 years … Continue reading Directors Notes: The Magic of Recovery Cafe