Called From Darkness Presents “Soul Sanctuary” Official Trailer

Soul Sanctuary

When someone accepts that they have been living the impossible life of an addict, it is a terrifying situation in which they confront their fear of the unknown, and their vulnerability.  Soul Sanctuary documents the courageous work of redemption that is grist for this story, and it takes place at Beit T’Shuvah: an urban rehab center that is grounded in the wisdom of the Torah.
As Harriet Rossetto, the founder of this center discloses in the film and her book Sacred Housekeeping, “people come in here hopeless, and helpless, and find a path to uncover their purpose and discover their passion.
Please share this message of hope and transformation as generously as you can with family and friends who are facing the illness of addiction.  Over 100 million Americans have a relative or a close friend who has a substance abuse disorder which impacts them


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